Lacing Up, Day Twenty-One: Rambling Random Thoughts

We started our final week of 5k training today. It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks back the thought of running three miles, let alone choosing to run a few blocks…without being chased by something with sharp claws and teeth…was the furthest thing from our minds. Running went from being an undesirable, loathsome and painful activity, to something we not only enjoy but also look forward to doing. It became even more special and appreciated after Monday’s horrific events in Boston, as the two of us ran in silent tribute today in honor of all those affected by such a senseless, cowardly and heinous act. Hopefully justice will be forceful and swift, sending a powerful message that no one can impose their will onto this country of ours, it’s great people as well as all the innocent people of the world.


While running in silence today, my mind started to wander…always a dangerous event. I obviously thought quite a bit about about Boston, the loss of life, the injured, the heroism of first responders as well as all those present as they ran towards the blasts to selflessly aide their fellow man, woman and child. The sport of running cruelly lost it’s innocence, and it personally hurt. It then dawned on me that I, Mr. “I hate running” had actually become a runner!

Not only had I become a runner, but I also looked the part as everything on me from my new Brooks running shoes, to my iPhone arm band screamed runner. And talk about screaming, after previously complaining on this blog as well as to my running friends about the shockingly bright, loud, and obnoxious retro 80’s neon-like colors of running shoes and clothing, I found myself in the brightest green technical shirt you could imagine. I’m sure the astronauts aboard the International Space Station could easily spot me with their naked eyes! This is especially ironic since I tend to primarily wear black when cycling, Heck even my beloved bike, aka, The Mistress, is painted black on black, but low and behold I come out of the running closet and turn into an electrified peacock, and you know what, I like it…..go figure.


My wife Maggie might have something to do with it, as her running wardrobe is filled with colors normally found in a box of Crayola Neon Crayons. Speaking of Maggie, she has been experiencing some discomfort in her feet, including some classic hot foot. She tried out some new socks from Feetures, but the discomfort lingered. Perhaps her old Saucony’s needed to be retired, so we headed over to Fit2Run to have her test out some new sneaks. Now it was Maggie’s turn to play with all the technical fitting toys which I had played with just a couple weeks ago. They analyzed her feet, sized her and put her in a pair of neutral shoes…a pair of Asics GEL-Kinsel 4 which contained every color known to man, as well as some unknown ones…and then got her up on the treadmill for some gait analysis. I don’t know if Maggie was overwhelmed by the technicolor explosions on her feet, or just tired from the mornings run, but she almost became the lastest internet meme sensation when she nearly stumbled off the treadmill! At least enough video footage was captured…before she took out the slow motion camera…to reveal she required a neutral shoe.

After a lengthy Cinderella period….truthfully, I think I tried on more shoes than she did…she chose a pair of Brooks Ghost 5’s in a rather eye catching purple, teal, black, white and gray combination which looked almost subdued next to those loud Asics. At least these did not shock her off the treadmill 😉

So one more week of runs and then we start on the path to 10K. Perhaps we’ll tackle a few 5k events and join in on some of the Speedsters Runs as we build up our base for the Space Coast Half Marathon come December 1st. It’s T-minus 227 days and counting…hopefully those NASA astronauts have proper eye protection to avoid retinal damage from the near-nuclear glow of our running clothes!

Running: 5K Plan
Run Time: 36:58
Stopped Time: 2:40
Distance: 3.07 miles
Average: 12:02 /mile
Fastest Pace: 9:25 /mile
Calories: 356
5K This Month: 22.18 miles
5K This Year: 59.89 miles

Click for Run Data


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