Two Wheeled Delight

Bliss, buzz, cheerfulness, cloud nine, delight, elation, electrification, elevation, enlivenment, euphoria, exaltation, excitation, exhilaration, galvanization, gladness, gleefulness, high spirits, intoxication, head rush, high spirits, hilarity, inspiration, invigoration, jollies, joy, joyfulness, joyousness, kicks, liveliness, mirth, quickening, rapture, sprightliness, stimulation, triumph, uplift, vitalization, vivacity, vivification…even with a thesaurus in hand, words alone can not describe the feeling of cycling down the road.


My schedule has kept me off my beloved Mistress, only getting in a paltry 98 total miles in the last couple of weeks. I’ve barely dented 200 miles this month, putting me way behind my mileage goals. Regardless of the mileage deficit, it was a delight to be back on two wheels hammering down Tree Line Boulevard with good friends over the weekend. There is still plenty of time to make up the mileage as well as get in those epic trips and rides I’ve been hoping to do…the Blue Ridge Mountains are calling, and who knows, if this flatlander can tame them, there are also some “rockier” ones out west.

Sunday, April 21
Route: Coconut-40
Ride Time: 2:23:47
Stopped Time: 53:16
Distance: 40.59 miles
Average: 16.94 mph
Fastest Speed: 25.49 mph
Calories: 2100
Cycle This Month: 190.54 miles
Cycle This Year: 1897.15 miles

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Saturday, April 20
Route: Bonita Beach Loop
Ride Time: 3:00:04
Stopped Time: 1:19:59
Distance: 51.88 miles
Average: 17.29 mph
Fastest Speed: 27.87 mph
Calories: 2656
Cycle This Month: 149.96 miles
Cycle This Year: 1856.57 miles

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