Lacing Up, Day Twenty-Four: Early Bird

A well known proverb states that the early bird catches the worm. Well this early bird didn’t spot a single worm this morning, but I did manage to get in 40.56 miles on bike and foot this morning.

Moonlight run

Running in the Florida heat has been a bit of an issue lately…something which will only get worse as Summer approaches. In order to escape the heat, we switched it up a bit today and started our run at 5:00 AM under a moonlit starry sky. The humidity was still high…it always is in Florida…but the temperature was a refreshingly cool 68°, a welcomed change from our last few sweat fests. Although it was much more efficient and comfortable to run in the early morning darkness, visibility, both our own as well as being seen by others became an issue. Now granted, we were the only ones out there on the running path, safely separated from what little traffic there was, so being seen was not that important, but there were stretches on our route which were in complete darkness causing Maggie to jump at pretty much anything she caught sight of out the corner of her eye…I guess it didn’t help when I told her to be careful of the wild boar along the way.

Obviously lights are in order if we make this a permanent routine. I’m sure there are plenty of lighting solutions for runners, if not, I can easily adapt the cycling lights I have. A Blackburn Flea clipped onto a hats visor would make a great light. It’s tiny, lightweight and extremely annoyingly bright. Add a clip-on blinky light and we should be good to go. Time to visit Fit2Run and see what they have on hand. In the mean time, I guess a good old flashlight will do until we find something better.

It looks like early morning runs are going to be the norm now. It actually was quite enjoyable running in the cool moonlit darkness, best of all it will allow me to take back my original cycling schedule and start putting a dent into that mileage deficit, which is exactly what I did after today’s run, hooking up with the Caloosa gang for a spirited 40 mile ride out to Coconut Point.

Daylight cruise

So if you happen to see a green glowing object bouncing down the road in the wee hours of the morning, don’t be alarmed, it’s not an alien invasion, it’s just me getting in my early bird run.

Running: 5K Plan
Run Time: 40:31
Stopped Time: 0:32
Distance: 3.36 miles
Average: 12:03 /mile
Fastest Pace: 9:51 /mile
Calories: 449
5K This Month: 31.98 miles
5K This Year: 69.68 miles

Click for Run Data

Wednesday, April 24
Route: Coconut-40
Ride Time: 1:57:10
Stopped Time: 1:02:38
Distance: 37.20 miles
Average: 19.05 mph
Fastest Speed: 26.46 mph
Calories: 1769
Cycle This Month: 227.74 miles
Cycle This Year: 1934.36 miles

Click for Ride Data


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