Reinventing the American Commute

Adam Vollmer and his company, Faraday Bicycles, are leading the way with an electric bike that will get you to work with a smile on your face! Faraday Cycles’ goal is to “build a truly, unique electric bike — one that cyclists can actually love”. Shot in San Francisco this video is about more than just electric bikes — it’s about the joy of cycling and the slow but steady shift to a more bike-friendly culture.

An electric assist bike would have been welcomed this weekend as heat, wind and riding solo made me shift plans from 100 miles to 100 KM’s instead…but then that would have been cheating…although I’d happily use a Faraday for daily commutes over a car any day. Two birthday parties, one late Saturday for my cycling pal Tara at Crü, and an early one Sunday morning at Chuck E Cheeze for my son’s school mate kept me off the bike today…that mileage deficit is growing. Time to take full advantage of those early morning runs and turn them into bricks…my legs are going to hate me.

No electric assist here, just a lot of sweat to maintain 20+ MPH in the headwind

Happy Birthday Tara…time to get back on that bike. Oh and big congrats to my friends Manuel and Craig for kicking butt up in St. Pete’s, St. Anthony’s Triathlon!

Saturday, April 27
Route: Metric Century, North Collier Park Loop
Ride Time: 3:29:40
Stopped Time: 1:04:01
Distance: 63.22 miles
Average: 18.09 mph
Fastest Speed: 26.83 mph
Calories: 3210
Cycle This Month: 290.96 miles
Cycle This Year: 1997.57 miles

Click for Ride Data


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