Lacing Up, Day Twenty-Six: The Brick

We are thoroughly enjoying our early morning moonlit runs, particularly the cool temperatures which help keep the sweat fest that is running in Florida in check. Another big benefit which I touched on last post is being able to get in more time on the bike, squeezing in a ride immediately after my run.

I know what your thinking…”Get on a bike after beating yourself silly running? Are you crazy? Why the hell would you want to do that? Well we all have different measures of sanity, but in this case the answer is efficiency and better training.

Quick cool down post run
Quick cool down post run

Stacking two different disciplins during the same workout period is known as a Brick, a term typically used by triathletes. Training Bricks effectively and efficiently prepare you for the next physical demand while recovering from the previous exercise demand. Your heart rate increases significantly as your body tries to shift the blood flow from the muscles of the first exercise to the demands of the muscles of the next. Brick workouts help your body handle the aerobic, anaerobic, and muscular demands of extreme events like a triathlon. Not that I am in training for a triathlon….yet, but with my current time restraints, the brick is a very efficient way for me to address both my cycling and running needs, and frankly, crazy as it sounds, it’s actually enjoyable and feels good.

I started the day with the first day of training for a 10k. The notes is Abvio’s Cyclemeter app said “Today you run 5K. Trust all your hard work and just have fun.” Ok, simple enough. We headed out to the gate and did our countdown to have our running apps in sync…3, 2, 1 press start…to our surprise, the friendly voice said “Run” instead of “Begin warm up walk”…we just looked at each other and did just that…run. I guess our beloved little warm up and cool down walk are a thing of the past now.

We made our way over the river and through the woods…I know it’s a slough, not a river…our improvisational lights blinking through the first dark mile keeping a “fun” pace up to the well lit portion of our route. As always, I slowly pulled away from Maggie knowing I’d see her again after reaching the turn around point…we currently run an out and back route. I kept a slow steady 10-10.30/min pace to conserve energy for the ride. At the two mile mark, I reversed directions again to run back towards Maggie…even with her lights, she doesn’t like to be too far away when hitting the dark section. Just as my iPhone started to play Chumbawamba’s Tubthumping, that friendly voice said “workout complete”. I reversed directions again, met up with Maggie, and accompanied her on her last few blocks of running.

Brick time, I transition to cycling, she transitions to chauffeuring
Brick time, I transition to cycling, she transitions to chauffeuring

With the run done, it was time to transition to the cycling portion of the brick. Now if I was seriously training for a tri, I would have made the transition as short as possible, but being that I run on an empty stomach, there was no way I was going to hop on my bike without fueling up first, so after a quick breakfast of champions…Honey Nut Cheerios and Juice….I can eat virtually anything before cycling…as well as a quick change into my cycling kit, I was on my bike, headed down Tree Line Boulevard.

I was going to just spin and relax my legs, but it just felt too good to be on the bike, so why not stomp on the pedals a bit. Even with the headwind, I just felt much more comfortable tucked in my bars holding 20-22 MPH instead of my planned spin. Surprisingly my legs felt very fresh, tempting me to extend the ride, but common sense prevailed…mind you it rarely does when I am on the bike…and I kept the ride to 30 miles instead of wrecking my legs.

Two wheeled sweat fest
Two wheeled sweat fest

So there you have my version of a brick. It might not be optimal for tri training, but it will allow me to keep me on pace for all my bike and running goals. We’ll see if a tri is in the works, after a successful Space Coast run.

Monday, Apr 29
Route: Mirromar-30
Ride Time: 1:30:06
Stopped Time: 6:06
Distance: 28.18 miles
Average: 18.76 mph
Fastest Speed: 24.72 mph
Calories: 1399
Cycle This Month: 319.14 miles
Cycle This Year: 2025.75 miles

Click for Ride Data

Running: 10K Plan
Run Time: 36:21
Stopped Time: 0:34
Distance: 3.42 miles
Average: 10:37 /mile
Fastest Pace: 8:12 /mile
Calories: 450
5K This Month: 38.71 miles
5K This Year: 76.41 miles

Click for Run Data


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