Spinning, Lacing Up, & Partying

It was quite the busy day yesterday, starting off with a club ride with the Caloosa Riders. Unlike our normal in-season hammer fests, this one was more in line with the programed recovery ride, as we kept speeds right at about 20 mph for the first half of the ride…well except for the sprint up the Don Eslick overpass, and the final push down Via Coconut, where we stretched the definition of recovery ride to include 28 MPH.

After the Panera break it was a different story as Dave, Andy and myself immediately separated from the pack and turned it up a bit. I wasn’t technically doing a brick today, with my morning run postponed till the evening’s events, so a little abuse of the old legs was welcomed, and anyways, the sky was threatening…always a good excuse to stomp on the pedals a little harder.

The sky wasn’t bluffing as it literally began to pour just a few minutes after I stowed my bike at home. It was the classic Florida downpour…biblical-like, cat and dog, end-of-the world looking storm, but in typical Florida manner, it was over with just as quickly as it had started, yet the sky still remained menacing…hopefully this was not going to carry over to the Fit Nation issue drop party later in the evening.

There was a constant drizzle as the hour approached. Both Maggie and I were going to participate in the 5k fun run rain or shine, so as a precaution, we packed some extra clothes, a couple of towels and an extra pair of shoes.

As luck would have it, there was a perfectly timed break in the weather, leaving only overcast skys and a very pleasant cool temperature for the evenings activities wich included some spirited laps around the Brooks on bike and a slightly shortened 5k fun run, followed by a standing room only crowd at Trek Estero all in celebration of Fit Nation, Southwest Florida’s new premier fitness magazine.

Big kudos are in order for Doug and the gang at Trek Estero, as well as Kimi and her crew from Fit2Run on organizing the event which was catered by Moe’s. The burritos, chips, guacamole, and other southwest goodies hit the spot…especially the ice cold Yuengling Light Lager…funny how cycling and beer always go together so well…you can toss in running too!

The place was packed, as friends new and old, mingled and laughed all sharing their love for fitness. It was a fun time with great friends which should be repeated often. Hmmm, perhaps an annual Trek/Fit2Run duathlon is in order…count me in!

Wednesday, May 1
Route: Coconut-40
Ride Time: 2:11:49
Stopped Time: 1:34:01
Distance: 38.30 miles
Average: 17.44 mph
Fastest Speed: 29.36 mph
Calories: 1889
Cycle This Month: 38.31 miles
Cycle This Year: 2064.05 miles

Click for Ride Data

Running: 10K Plan
Run Time: 25:07
Stopped Time: 0:40
Distance: 2.45 miles
Average: 10:14 /mile
Fastest Pace: 7:48 /mile
Calories: 335
Run This Month: 2.45 miles
Run This Year: 78.87 miles

Click for Run Data


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