Weekend Wrap Up

Finally, some computer time to catch up on this weekends activities…

Friday, May 3: The Woot-Woot Brick
Another early start to the day with a 5k run shrouded in dense fog. We added in our own little warm up walk prior to the start of our run, choosing to start it on the main path instead of having to navigate to it in the dark while running. That short warm up walk helps wake you up, get the blood flowing, loosen up your legs and get you in the right frame of mind for the next 3 plus miles of bouncing down the tarmac.

The Iron Gal, the Duchess and Tara Baby

Almost as soon as we started, we heard a very ominous low rumble/growl while crossing the bridge on Colonial Boulevard…before continuing let me set the scene…we run parallel to the Cypress Slough, which is best described as a swamp-like, slow moving river of classic, unspoiled Florida wetlands, filled with all the flora and fauna you’d expect to find there, including low rumble producing gators. Yep, we were hearing the mating calls of big ass gators, probably just a few yards from us, and in total darkness! Needless to say we crossed that bridge quite a bit quicker than we normally do. Luckily, except for the thick fog turning it into a chilly sweat fest, the run was uneventful as the two of us made quick work of the 5k…it’s time to start increasing the miles.

Once back home it was time to fuel up, change into my cycling kit and meet up with my three favorite cycling gals, Tina, Tara and Maura, for a very amusing forty miles…guys, if you have never ridden with “the girls” before you are missing out on an experience like you have never had, particularly the conversations…as much as I’d like to repeat them on here I have to remind myself that this is a PG rated family blog…so lets just say that our male locker room talk does not even come close to the banter on this ride. You’d think I’d be completely used to it after growing up with three sisters, but who am I kidding, always expect the unexpected, especially when cycling with these three gals.

Saturday, May 4: Buns of Titanium and 80 Pound Bikes

The usual suspects got together on Saturday for a wind swept 50 mile Bonita loop. Normally, this time of year we have light winds predominantly out of the East, but late Friday, Mother Nature flipped things around giving us a strong NNW wind with gusts in the high 20’s…just what you want to fight against after a long ride….NOT. Oh well, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right.

The Florida NutBags
The Florida NutBags

Speaking of strength, while at our mid ride Panera break, our good buddy and recent guest blogger, Craig, demonstrated his best selling Cycling Buns of Titanium exercise techniques, which have to be seen to be appreciated, so just click on the video below for a preview.

Demonstration completed, we headed off back to fight the wind. While leaving Coconut Point, Gus spotted a rather unusual bike which required a second look. What we found was a home built Frankenstonian monstrosity of a bike complete with high torque electric motor, full suspension, massive knobby tires, stereo speakers, ambient lighting, paniers stuffed with batteries to recharge onboard electronics including a computer tablet, and the tail light of a Ram truck.


The thing was huge, tipping the scales at well over 80 pounds, yet the powerful torque from the electric motor made it unbelievably responsive and agile. Just the thing to carve up some single tracks. The builder uses it for both recreation and commuting…I’d hate to have to pedal that beast home after depleting the batteries, although I have to admit it would have been welcomed for the return ride against the gusty headwinds which accompanied us all the way back home.

Sunday, May 5: More Wind

This was my sixth day of cycling this week…see I told you I was going to make up the mileage deficit…add to that three days of running and these old legs were starting to feel a bit tired, so a nice easy recovery ride was the order of the day. Good thing too as the NNW wind was even naster today than yesterday. Unlike Friday’s estrogen charged ride, this one was strictly a boys ride filled with talk of the Giro, triathlons, and other future cycling endeavors. Speaking of the Giro, Sky owned the podium after today’s TTT. Looks like Sir Wiggo’s plan to dominate La Corsa Rosa and win the hearts of the tifosi is in high gear.

Fighting the headwinds
Fighting the headwinds

A conversational pace had us down at Coconut Point in far from any record time, as we sat back and watched all the exhausted cyclists trickle in from the hard charging Trek airport ride. Panera was awash in loud colored lycra as it normally is on Sunday morning…they seriously need more tables and chairs outside for the two wheeled onslaught. We were in no rush, sitting back enjoying all the cycling banter, secretly hoping other groups would be heading back our way to help share the headwinds that awaited. Our wish was unexpectedly granted when Amy, Jack and company pulled up…they were just as happy to see us too. More conversations ensued as riders rested tired legs. Eventually we all mounted up and fought the wind back home.

Not a bad weekend at all. We’ll see if I brick it up tomorrow or just rest after the morning run. In the mean time it’s time for a little after dinner walk and then kick up the feet and catch a movie.

BTW, just wanted to wish my friends Murray, Larry & Donna a safe and fun filled trip across this big old country of ours. They’ll shortly start pedaling across America…quite the epic adventure. You can follow their exploits on the Pedaling Across America blog. Have fun guys, and be safe!

10K Running Plan
Run Time: 41:17
Stopped Time: 1:16
Distance: 3.73 miles
Average: 11:04 /mile
Fastest Pace: 9:52 /mile
Calories: 476
5K This Month: 6.18 miles
5K This Year: 82.60 miles

Click for Run Data

May 3, 2013
Route: Coconut-40
Ride Time: 2:15:42
Stopped Time: 1:49:28
Distance: 38.49 miles
Average: 17.02 mph
Fastest Speed: 28.70 mph
Calories: 1933
Cycle This Month: 78.08 miles
Cycle This Year: 2103.83 miles

Click for Ride Data

May 4, 2013
Route: Bonita Loop
Ride Time: 3:08:41
Stopped Time: 1:39:19
Distance: 48.10 miles
Average: 15.29 mph
Fastest Speed: 31.79 mph
Calories: 2494
Cycle This Month: 126.18 miles
Cycle This Year: 2151.93 miles

Click for Ride Data

May 5, 2013
Route: Coconut-40 + Airport Loop
Ride Time: 3:05:30
Stopped Time: 1:21:57
Distance: 45.52 miles
Average: 14.72 mph
Fastest Speed: 27.46 mph
Calories: 2478
Cycle This Month: 171.70 miles
Cycle This Year: 2197.45 miles

Click for Ride Data


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