Lacing Up, Day Thirty-Six: Running in the Big Guava

A busy travel schedule has kept me from lacing up for a little over two weeks, interrupting my established run/cycle routine. Now that I am better acclimated to the schedule, I’m applying the single biggest advantage running has over cycling…you can do it anytime, anywhere and pretty much in any weather. All three of those advantages came to play this week as I found myself running in The Big Guava, down Bayshore Boulevard (anywhere), in the evening (anytime), during rain showers (any weather).

There is a completely different vibe running in Tampa, particularly South Tampa. For starters the boulevard was literally packed with runners, walkers, skaters, and cyclists, all moving at completely different rates. Bayshore Boulevard, running from downtown Tampa to Ballast Point is an extremely popular venue for outdoor recreational activity. It’s wide paved lanes are flanked by Hillsborough Bay on one side and stately homes on the other, all the while offering picturesque views of David Island and the Tampa skyline.

Running amongst so many people almost made it feel like I was competing in a running event. In fact I got a little carried away on the first day as I found myself thumping through 6 miles of bay front scenery…not the smartest thing to do after not running for over two weeks, but hey I was caught up with all the excitement and completely distracted by the sights, including the two legged variety 😉 In fact, my distraction was so complete, I failed to notice the fast moving thunderstorm barreling down on me. Luckily, it skirted the bay, staying either in front of me or behind me at all times…it was like I had a giant invisible umbrella overhead. It also produced some spectacular double rainbows which constantly shifted position as the clouds and rain basically circled me.


Needless to say, the six miles was more than I should have attempted after my recent sabbatical from running. As usual I started out far too fast and would often try to keep pace with other runners that were out of my comfort range. End result, I developed a slight discomfort in my right knee, and ended up resorting to run/walking. Not that there is any shame in that, but I should have known better than pushing so far on my first run back.

I had another free evening the following day, so I decided to take it easy and just go for a long walk down Bayshore instead. It was just what the doctor ordered as I experienced no knee discomfort whatsoever, and still got to enjoy all the hubbub down the bay front.


My schedule will have me splitting time between the Bay Area and SW Florida during the summer, which means I’ll be concentrating on running while in Tampa and catch up on my two wheeled miles while down in SW Florida. Hectic? Perhaps, but the change in scenery is fun, and I still get to see all my great friends over the weekends.

Running 10K Plan
Run Time: 1:21:41
Stopped Time: 9:55
Distance: 6.43 miles
Average: 12:42 /mile
Fastest Pace: 8:16 /mile
Calories: 709
5k Run This Month: 6.43 miles
5k Run This Year: 116.50 miles

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Running 10K Plan: Recovery Walk
Walk Time: 1:08:16
Stopped Time: 1:41
Distance: 4.00 miles
Average: 17:03 /mile
Fastest Pace: 15:30 /mile
Calories: 377
Walk This Month: 5.56 miles
Walk This Year: 24.28 miles

Click for Run Data


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