Daddy’s Weekend

Back in Southwest Florida for the weekend, I wasted no time jumping on my bike celebrating Father’s Day Weekend with great friends, racking up nearly 150 miles of two wheeled goodness under the always brilliant Florida sunshine. Two trips out to the picturesque islands of Sanibel and Captiva, a classic Panera cruise down Treeline Boulevard, and the big highlight, weaning my son off training wheels, and sharing the joy of cycling…by the way, he’s a quick learner, taking only two days to ditch the trainers.

It’s back to the Big Guava for the week where I hope to get in some quality run time by the bay. In the mean time hug you’re Daddy and let him know how much he means to you. Happy Father’s Day!

Friday, June 14
Route: Sanibel Loop
Ride Time: 2:23:05
Stopped Time: 50:10
Distance: 38.95 miles
Average: 16.33 mph
Fastest Speed: 36.14 mph
Calories: 2004
Cycle This Month: 246.77 miles
Cycle This Year: 2941.61 miles

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Saturday, June 15
Route: Coconut-40 + Airport Loop
Ride Time: 2:47:43
Stopped Time: 1:52:29
Distance: 46.68 miles
Average: 16.70 mph
Fastest Speed: 29.19 mph
Calories: 2440
Cycle This Month: 293.44 miles
Cycle This Year: 2988.29 miles

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Sunday, June 16
Route: Daddy’s Day Metric out to the Islands
Ride Time: 3:17:59
Stopped Time: 1:14:07
Distance: 62.11 miles
Average: 18.82 mph
Fastest Speed: 46.25 mph
Calories: 3047
Cycle This Month: 355.55 miles
Cycle This Year: 3050.39 miles

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