Lacing Up, Day Thirty-Seven: Squeezing in the Runs

Adjusting to my new schedule has played havoc with my established run/cycle routine. It’s not so much the schedule itself, but adjusting to a new environment up in the Big Guava…heck, even the weather pattern is different from SW Florida, as the obligatory summer rain occurs the late evening, just in time to scrub my run…it’s not wise to run during a thunderstorm in the “lightning capital of the world”.


I’m sure as things settle and I become more habituated to the area, I’ll be able to increase my running frequency…at least my wife and I got to squeeze in a sunrise 5k down Bayshore Boulevard. It was quite the treat!

Running 10K Plan
Run Time: 53:17
Stopped Time: 3:15
Distance: 4.20 miles
Average: 12:41 /mile
Fastest Pace: 8:58 /mile
Calories: 530
5k Run This Month: 10.63 miles
5k Run This Year: 120.70 miles

Click for Run Data


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