Making up for Lost Time: Part 1

As I mentioned in the previous post, my new schedule is putting a bit of a dent into my run/cycle routine, particularly my cycling, as The Mistress has been hanging on the wall, patiently awaiting my return, while I, on the other hand feel like a strung out junky in bad need of some big ring therapy…something I plan on correcting now that I’m back in SW Florida for a few days.


I wasted little time making up some of that lost mileage, literally jumping on my bike with only 3 hours of sleep after driving back home from the Big Guava to join my friends on 55 mile beachside ride down the coast to celebrate my friend Denise’s birthday.

Wis, Anke, Mel, newcomer Deborah (welcome!) and even my old friend Adam, AKA Young Pup, who we ran into at the mid ride break down at the Fit & Fuel Cafe joined in to celebrate Denise’s latest trip around the sun with the obligatory cycling custom of “riding ones age” on their birthday…not that 55 miles were needed to cover Denise’s “29th birthday”. The extra miles were just the exclamation mark on a fantastic morning out on two wheels!

We’ll be going long tomorrow with an early morning (leaving at 5AM to beat the heat) ride out to the islands…lets see if I can rack up a good 200+ miles before the end of the weekend…it will certainly appease my two wheeled addiction.

Friday, Jun 28
Route: Beach Loop
Ride Time: 3:17:30
Stopped Time: 1:29:38
Distance: 54.65 miles
Average: 16.60 mph
Fastest Speed: 31.29 mph
Calories: 2763
Cycle This Month: 410.20 miles
Cycle This Year: 3105.04 miles

Click for Ride Data


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