Making up for Lost Time: Part 2

After a good nights rest, I was back on The Mistress for an early morning cycling tour of Sanibel and Captiva with my friends. To beat the heat, we elected to head out at 5:00 am, under the cover of darkness, which meant pulling out and strapping on all the blinky lights we had, virtually become rolling Christmas trees.


My lighting regalia, which is just a Blackburn Flea and some Bontrager taillights, is woefully inadequate next to the extremely powerful Cygolite’s most of my friends had on their bikes. The brilliant beams emanating from Larry, Mel and Wisnick’s bikes were easily as bright as automotive lights. So bright in fact that their combined beams provided more than enough light for me to take the lead pulls…it was rather amusing watching my elongated shadow projected onto the roadway, stomping on the pedals as we headed towards the islands.


I tend not to ride at night, so I basically just have foul weather, attention grabbing lights to be seen, not to see, but I have to admit, riding in the darkness, watching and hearing the world wake up around you while on two wheels is quite a treat. Time to add a Cygolite to the never ending cycling wish list.


Our casual pace had us at the Causeway bridge just in time to catch the dawn’s first blush of light…it was well worth the early morning wake up call. Southwest Florida is known for its spectacular sunsets, but given the right location, you can catch some amazing sunrises over water too. Needless to say sitting atop the Causeway bridge at sunrise offers quite a view.


We hit the island one rider short, Jasmin veered off before crossing the causeway to meet up with her husband down in Bonita Beach, and proceeded to our normal island loop down the Gulf Drive trifecta…East, Middle and West. Thomas, who had not cycled since the start of the year, headed back at the thirty mile mark, leaving Larry, Mel, Wisnick, Denise and myself to complete the planned eighty-some mile ride which we all thoroughly enjoyed.


So that’s 136 miles in two days. I’ll squeeze out a metric tomorrow and make it a nice even 200 miles for the weekend…not a bad number, especially considering I had been off the bike for two weeks. Lets just hope the weather holds up. Right now it’s forecasted to rain most of the day, and we all know I become a fair weather rider when rain is immanent…so much for upholding the Velominati Rules.

Saturday, June 29
Route: Island Loop
Ride Time: 4:52:30
Stopped Time: 1:31:23
Distance: 81.25 miles
Average: 16.67 mph
Fastest Speed: 33.79 mph
Calories: 4304
Cycle This Month: 491.45 miles
Cycle This Year: 3186.29 miles

Click for Ride Data


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