Lacing Up, Day Thirty-Eight: It’s About Time

Finally!!! After nearly a month, I found the time to get out and run! The combination of new schedule, house hunting, crazy downpours and swarms of blood thirsty mosquitos, has kept me both off my beloved bike and from lacing up.

Now, in theory I could have made the time to run regardless of the hour, location and conditions, but my free time has been in the late evening, just in time for the thunder-boomers Tampa is famous for. Running in these conditions, especially next to the bay is rather foolhardy, unless the idea of being a mobile, wet, lightning rod is attractive to you. On those rare evenings where the rain was light…yes it has been raining virtually every evening here…the vampiric mosquitos, which of coarse are out in force due to the abundant rain, are guaranteed to turn you into the main course.


By the way, what’s up with these voracious mosquitos in Tampa? Down in Southwest Florida a mosquito bite is uncommon. Sure on windless days out on the islands, the no-see-ums will dine on you like sleepless, hungover, gamblers at a Las Vegas buffet, but in general, no special precautions are needed against mosquitos. Here in Tampa, they literally swarm you the second you step outside. Hell they even bite you through your clothing! Needless to say Deep Woods Off is the most common fragrance used by both men and women in the Tampa Bay Area.

With a free late afternoon, I jumped at the opportunity to slip on my running shoes…I’d have rather opted for my bike, but “The Mistress” is hanging on the wall some 150 miles south of here…hopefully I’ll bring her up this week, the cycling scene here is huge! I tossed on my insanely bright and loud colored running gear, slipped on my Balega socks, laced up my Brooks, and headed out the door, trying to keep a step ahead of the bloodthirsty mosquitos. I knew I’d be rusty as I had only run once and cycled twice in the last month. I set my running computer to 5K, knowing well that I’d probably be run/walking…no sense pushing it and hurting myself.

Once down on Bayshore Boulevard, I settled into a nice easy pace, reintroducing my legs and body to the thumping I have grown to enjoy, all the while taking in the vista of the Bay, skyline and all the other runners out there. Running down Bayshore is extremely enjoyable. As I mentioned before, the shear number of people out there makes it feel like you are running in an event.

I probably could have walked less than I did, but better safe than sorry, especially after my recent lack of activity. The run, what little I did, actually didn’t feel that bad. Sure the old thump, thump, thump was ever present, but the vista, as well as all the other visual distractions, made it less apparent.

I’ll keep making a concentrated effort to squeeze in my runs. Hopefully I can switch back to my normal morning running schedule…it just feels better to start the day with a run than making time for it in the afternoon or evening…ditto with the cycling.

Running: 10K Plan
Run Time: 47:54
Stopped Time: 3:07
Distance: 3.74 miles
Average: 12:48 /mile
Fastest Pace: 9:46 /mile
Calories: 428
5k Run This Month: 3.74 miles
5k Run This Year: 124.44 miles

Click for Run Data


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