Iso’s Country Tour

A day off the bike was in order to allow elevation and ice to reduce the post acrobatic, cue ball sized lump on my left knee to subside. A nice deep purple bruise ringed my knee offsetting the now granulated road rash on the opposite side. Two other bruises on my right thigh, balanced out the collection. At least the conclusion of the Tour helped take my mind off the “joy” of icing a joint. By the way, big congrats to Chris Froome and team Sky for another dominating performance. It certainly looks like we have another cycling dynasty in the works.

The downtime also gave me a chance to search for a replacement helmet and aero bars…luckily Bontrager sells replacement parts, allowing me to order just the carbon fiber RXL bars instead of having to buy a complete set of new hardware. By the way, I’m taking advantage of this little mishap and switching from ski post type bars to the more ergo and aerodynamic S-bends. As for the helmet, I’m still undecided what to get. I dropped an order for the Lazer Genesis, and quickly canceled it as I want to try on the Lazer Helium, Kask Vertigo as well as the Oracle and Specter from Bontrager. I’m favoring the Kask Vertigo, but $300 bucks is quite a premium price for a brain bucket. After all, they all protect you equally as well. My Bontrager Circuit helmet is bruised and battered after the tumble, but still usable, at least for a couple more rides as I decide on what to buy. I’ll just be sure to ride nice and easy and avoid any “Sagan-ish” tendencies.

Speaking of easy rides, my friend Isobel organized one of her always delightful rides through the back country along the Caloosahatchee watershed. Wis, Karen, Gus, Tina and new Trek wrench, Phillip came along for a relaxing 40 mile tour through the picturesque landscape. It was the perfect two wheeled rehab for my bruised knee, which although looks battered, it felt perfectly normal throughout the ride. I’ll squeeze in a couple more shorter 40 mile rides before Saturdays long 150 mile midnight ride…the old sit bones are going to be pretty sore by weeks end!

Monday, Jul 22
Route: Tour de Iso
Ride Time: 2:50:43
Distance: 44.0 miles
Average: 15.4 mph
Fastest Speed: 20.6 mph
Calories: 1361
Cycle This Month: 89.75 miles
Cycle This Year: 3276.04 miles

Cycling data is from my bike’s computer…I forgot to switch on Cyclemeter


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