Girl Power, Hot Metric, Busted Bonts, Mimosas, and the Mistress Gets a Makeover

Cycling time has been a bit of a luxury as of late, but I’m squeezing it in whenever I can. That said, another great weekend of two-wheeled therapy is in the books.

Saturday: The Fort Myers NutBags were out in force cruising down the boulevard for a sweat fest, metric down through Bonita. Yes, it’s that time of year here in SW Florida where humidity and temperature hovers around the triple digit mark, but that was not going to hold us back, in particular Isobel, the lone female in the group who best summed up the ride in her FB post stating, “53 miles chasing boys on a bicycle this morning…like a proper 12 year old girl.” Mike, another fellow NutBag who was not on the ride, questioned her about her cycling prowess asking, “1. Did you catch any of them? 2. Would you want to? and 3. What the heck would you do with one if you did?”

The boys were playing catch up as Isobel pulled us through the “Imperial wind tunnel”

Isobel quickly fired back. “1. Yes 2. To prove a point and 3. Pass them…The picture above pretty much puts the exclamation on Iso’s answer!

Sunday: A  change of pace as we departed from the Trek store at Coconut Point for another hot sweaty…did I say hot, metric.  The usual suspects were present,  for the ride down through the multimillion shantytown of Naples Gordon Loop. The rotten economy even seems to be affecting the über wealthy as one of the palatial winter cottages had a For Lease sign out front. A quick check on Zillow reveals it’s bargain priced at a mere $40K a month…pocket change right!

Multimillion dollar homes as far as the eye could see

At our mid point break at Bad Ass Coffee…got to love the name of the cafe, Gus suffered a mishap as the buckle on his Bont shoes snapped in two, rendering it useless. Quick thinking by Manuel, our newly crowned McGyver, pulled out a roll of medical silk tape, which he has had in in saddle bag since our Key West invasion back in November, and quickly secured Gus’ shoe. It may have looked funky, but it worked like a charm…after all, when it comes to unlimited uses, medical silk tape runs a close second to duct tape.

Doc Manuel, aka McGyver, putting the fix to Gu’s podiatric woes.

The tape held up great, and even withstood a refreshing little shower as we made our way back up to Coconut Point and a rendezvous with more cold drinks at Panera Bread. Now, we being the NutBags would not be satisfied with a simple soft drink or caffein laced macchi-something iced drink created by an overly inspired barista after our little metric ride. We celebrated it instead with some  refreshing Mimosas out on Panera’s patio…who knew that a little bit of bubbly would make such an ideal recovery drink!

While enjoying our mimosa fueled recovery, I dropped The Mistress off at Trek for some overdue love. Her new aero bars were in…good thing to as it was rather disheartening watching the left bar flail around like a wet noodle…with an even more aerodynamic profile…S bends instead of the ski pole type I had before. Now I can get even lower and cheat that wind some more! The guys at Trek did a great job setting her back up, and even added a layer of fresh bar tape…thanks guys! There is nothing quite like the feel of  freshly installed, thick, grippy cork tape. It’s almost like riding a new bike!

The Mistress is even sexier now with her black carbon aero bars and lusciously thick cork tape.

So it’s back to the Big Guava again for the week. This time I’m taking The Mistress with me to squeeze in some riding. Perhaps even some hilly action out in San Antonio.

Saturday, Aug 3
Route: Bonita Beach Loop
Ride Time: 3:31:07
Stopped Time: 2:51:25
Distance: 59.68 miles
Average: 16.96 mph
Fastest Speed: 33.52 mph
Calories: 2998
Cycle This Month: 59.68 miles
Cycle This Year: 3,522.59 miles

Click for Ride Data

Sunday, Aug 4
Route: Metric Century, Gordons Pass
Ride Time: 3:46:09
Stopped Time: 55:52
Distance: 62.77 miles
Average: 16.65 mph
Fastest Speed: 24.30 mph
Calories: 3307
Cycle This Month: 122.45 miles
Cycle This Year: 3,585.36 miles

Click for Ride Data


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