Back on Trek

With most of the gang out of town for the holiday weekend, I headed down to Coconut Point to hook up with the always fun and fast Trek group ride. Our local Trek store, located at Coconut Point in Estero, is always a hotbed of cycling activity, particularly on Sunday morning, when my Lycra clad cohorts come out for some thigh-burning fun on the airport loop.


The turnout was expectedly smaller than normal, due to the holiday as well as the ongoingTour of Sebring, but our dual pace line still commanded plenty of attention as it sped towards the eventual “airport sprint zone”. I was a little worried that my recent lack of riding would turn the ride into a suffrage fest, but with most of the known speed demons missing, there was hope for a relaxing ride…or so I thought.

As usual we headed out towards the airport keeping a moderate pace of around 22 mph. The hammer dropped as soon as we made the airport turn as speeds quickly ratcheted up to above 26 mph. Surprisingly, the majority of the group stayed tightly bunched as we literally coasted up the departing flights ramp. Speeds increased quickly again as we headed down the terminal ramp and onto the airport service roads.

So far, so good…my legs were having no problem keeping up with the main pack. My ticker on the other hand was definitely in overdrive. It was in the high 160’s and breaking into the 170’s, extremely high for me, even at this pace. Manuel and I both decided to dial it down just a bit and recover a bit. We’d easily catch the group by the washboards, and sure enough we did.

The short recovery brought my heart rate down to a more acceptable rate only to have it creep back up as our speed increased beyond 26 mph. Discretion being the better part of valor, I drifted off the back of the group to a much more cardio friendly 22 mph, finishing the group ride solo.

My legs, lungs, and head were willing, but my recent irregular cycling activity and prolonged absences have obviously put a big dent into my conditioning…something that needs a correction ASAP. So it’s time to literally get back on “Trek” and start racking up the miles out in the Big Guava.

Sunday, Sep 1
Route: Trek Airport group ride
Ride Time: 1:46:46
Stopped Time: 2:24
Distance: 36.17 miles
Average: 20.33 mph
Fastest Speed: 28.58 mph
Calories: 1743
Cycle This Month: 36.17 miles
Cycle This Year: 3673.13 miles

Click for Ride Data


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