3 Year Blog-i-versary

While writing yesterday’s post, a little message popped up on my screen wishing me a happy anniversary. I sat there staring at it for a bit thinking perhaps I had done the unthinkable and forgotten my wedding anniversary…my wife’s wrath is far worse than The Mistress’ even after not riding for weeks.


A quick look at the calendar allowed me to breathe a sigh of relief. Our anniversary is four months away, so why was I receiving this message. I clicked on the message and was surprised to see that it was from WordPress congratulating me on my blogs third anniversary. Three years! I’ve been writing that long? On top of that, yesterday’s post was the four hundred third post I’ve made…holy crap, that’s a lot of writing for a self proclaimed non-writer.

More surprising is that you, as well as many like you from virtually all over this world, continue to read my miscellaneous two wheeled and sneakered rambling. Thank you, I’m both honored and humbled.

So in honor of this auspicious occasion, lets take a look at the always surprising blog stats, as well as revisiting the old donut count.

Of the 403 posts I’ve written, the top five posts were, Sit Bones, Love Bugs & Naked Cycling, ironically a review of my blog stats, My Bike, a history and description of the bikes I ride, Sci’Con Hippo 550, a review of my saddle bag, Pro Bike Porn, a review of the bikes from the UCI World Teams, and Hey, What About Us Guys, a unique look at saving the manjigglies. I was happy to see posts from guest bloggers such as Bike Virginia 2012, St, Anthony’s Triathlon, and HITS Triathlon Series Naples in the top 25, as well as many of the cycling events I have participated in, including, Everyone Rides, Immokalee Run & Ride, Tour of Sebring, and my personal favorite the Isle of Bones Tour.

142 countries have checked in, leaving 54 countries yet to visit. Of these, the good old USA leads with the highest number of visitors, followed by the UK and our neighbors from the north, Canada. Germany, Australia, France, Netherlands, Japan, Belgium, and Italy round out the top ten. Some of the more unique countries include Brunei Darussalam, Guernsey, Réunion, Namibia and Mauritius…and yes I had to launch Google Earth yet again to find these countries.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 8.18.25 PM

FaceBook was the top referring site….a big thank you to all my FaceBook friends, followed by Google, WordPress, Yahoo and the forums at Road Bike Review. While the most popular tags were Cycling, SW Florida and Group Ride.

The keyword list continues to be dominated by the word naked. Curious as I have never written a post about nakedness, nudity, or any other sort of nekkidity in general, and I have yet to take part in a World Naked Bike Ride, nor have I ever cycled naked in any way, yet it still continues to be one of the top keywords. All the unique variations of naked are present including naked bike, nude bicycle, naked mile, nude cyclist, naked bike day, and nude biking. There are even a few references to naked running…talk about painful! I must obviously be missing out on something…I’ll have to keep an eye out for the next World Naked Bike Ride.


Thankfully there are many real cycling references such as Trek Madone, Sit Bones, Trek Domane, Ultegra Di2, Cycling, FSA Omega, Scicon Hippo 550, Halo Head Band, Pinarello Dogma, Orica Green Edge, and whatever “裸露” means.

All these stats continue to remind me that the world is ever shrinking, as just a click or two can transcend thousands of miles, languages and cultures, letting us all share in our interest of all things cycling and running…oh and apparently cycling naked.

I’ll close out this post with a visit to the old donut count. The 16,000 plus miles I’ve ridden is equivalent to traveling 0.65 times around the world. In donut speak, that would be 4,581 donuts burned, 849.75 gallons of gas saved, 12,892 TV’s powered and 242 pounds burned.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 10.48.36 PM

Thank you all again for allowing me to bring a little of my world of cycling and running into your busy lives. I’ll continue to hunt and peck my way around the keyboard in the coming years, doing my best to hopefully keep you all entertained about our two wheeled escapades down here in sunny Florida.


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