I’ve been the model of inconsistency the last four months when it’s comes to cycling and running while acclimating to my new schedule and relocating to the Tampa Bay area…actually the running has been more nonexistent than inconsistent. Many of my cycling and running goals, such as Six GAP (which is going on today), the Space Coast Half Marathon, Tour of Sebring, and tackling my first triathlon have been shelved. Needless to say, I won’t be anywhere near my original mileage goal of 8-10K miles, let alone breaking last years 12K+ miles.


My level of fitness has suffered from this inconsistency, and I’m sure I’ve added on a couple of pounds, but that is to be expected when going from a combined 300 miles of cycling and running a week to barley cycling 100 miles and not running at all. Although I keep very busy, not having my athletic outlets has negatively impacted my being, making me feel both mentally and physically worse for wear. After all, both cycling and running are an addiction. Stopping them cold turkey is never a good thing…I need my fix!

I’m far from being settled in here in Tampa…hell, I’m still looking for a new home. I’m sure my schedule will continue to throw some big monkey wrenches into whatever plans and goals I make, but it’s high time I reboot my fitness efforts and make them fit into my schedule, no matter how crazy it gets. Running should not be a problem, especially since it’s starting to cool off a bit (80’s now instead of 90’s…this is Florida after all), and I live right next to some great running lanes by the bay. Cycling on the other hand is a bit trickier. I’m still looking for a good 40-50 mile training route from my door, instead of having to pack up the bike and drive 20 miles or more to the start of a ride. Needless to say I really miss the ride in-ride out location I lived at in Fort Myers, where I could just hop on my bike and start my day on two wheels.

So it’s high time I give the Big Guava the three finger salute, virtually pressing my virtual CTRL-ALT-Delete (Command-Option-Escape for my Mac brethren) keys and reboot my two wheeled and sneakered efforts, after all, there are still many goals to be reached….my bucket list is big!

IMG_3278Saturday, Sep 14

Route: Suncoast Trail
Ride Time: 4:16:21
Stopped Time: 36:53
Distance: 74.58 miles
Average: 17.46 mph
Fastest Speed: 27.89 mph
Calories: 3785
Cycle This Month: 233.50 miles
Cycle This Year: 3870.46 miles

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IMG_3335Sunday, Sep 15

Route: San Antonio Metric
Ride Time: 4:01:15
Stopped Time: 1:18:56
Distance: 62.02 miles
Average: 15.42 mph
Fastest Speed: 37.41 mph
Calories: 3019
Cycle This Month: 295.52 miles
Cycle This Year: 3932.48 miles

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IMG_3390Saturday, Sep 21

Route: Gandy Loop
Ride Time: 2:43:15
Stopped Time: 25:31
Distance: 47.86 miles
Average: 17.59 mph
Fastest Speed: 29.95 mph
Calories: 2306
Cycle This Month: 343.39 miles
Cycle This Year: 3980.34 miles

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IMG_3513Saturday, Sep 28

Route: Suncoast Trail
Ride Time: 4:08:36
Stopped Time: 46:15
Distance: 69.37 miles
Average: 16.74 mph
Fastest Speed: 25.40 mph
Calories: 3498
Cycle This Month: 412.75 miles
Cycle This Year: 4049.71 miles

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