…Even More Reasons


Apparently eHarmony was wrong…there are even more than 15 reasons to date a cyclist. Here are 20 more reasons according to RantLifestyle.com

20 Reasons to Date a Cyclist, from rantlifestyle.com

20. We are in ridiculous shape: It’s rare to ever find a serious cyclist who’s got flab. In fact, most of us have body fat percentages in the single digits. Cycling is known to do a few things: Burn fat, work cardio and build leg muscles. We don’t mean to, but we end up in pretty insane shape. You’ll want to get your hands on that.

19. We know how to have nice things: A lot of us are riding bikes made out of space-age composite materials and tuned for high performance. This kind of thing is costly, and many of these bikes run in the thousands of dollars. If you’ve ever had a boyfriend who breaks things or a girlfriend who knocks over your stuff, dating a cyclist cures all of that, since we know the drill.

18. We’re always tan: When everyone else’s tan is fading, we’re still good. You’ll never have to worry about your man or lady going pale in the winter. Of course, you’re going to have to be cool with our tan lines, because they’re kind of drastic.

17. We don’t sit on the couch all day: If you’ve ever been mad at your boyfriend or girlfriend for being lazy all the time, find a cyclist. We take weekend rides, quick after-work rides, extended touring rides, races and any other excuse to get into the saddle. The catch? We always make sure our responsibilities are handled because nothing better interrupt our ride. Nothing.

16. We are really good with tools: Not only that, but we likely have a killer set of our own tools. Bikes break, and a lot of bike shops charge a fortune to do simple jobs. Most of us learn how to do minor repairs ourselves and therefore are really great at fixing things.

15. We are out of your hair all of July: Because we’re watching le Tour de France. You can spend all of July doing whatever you want: Shopping, vacation, a to-do list, or anything else you have going on. We are glued to coverage all day for three weeks, because this is like our World Series. We won’t ignore you when le Tour isn’t on. Basically, though, we’re not your problem for a few weeks.

14. We’re what Sir-Mix-A-Lot was talking about: When you’re in a bike saddle for 40, 70 or 100 miles at a time, you can’t help but have a great butt. Not only do cyclists have the boom-caboose, but we have the perfect shorts to show them off.

13. One Word, Stamina: We’re on our bikes a lot for long distances. That’s a ton of cardio that we’re doing. So, you can probably do the math. If a cyclist can go all the way for 50 miles at a time, that’s not the only place they can go for long distances.

12. The laundry will always be done: It takes just one ride in an unwashed jersey or shorts to cure a cyclist of not keeping up with laundry. We ride a lot, and our kit needs to be clean. Since we’re doing a load of laundry, we never mind tossing yours in with it.

11. Cyclist legs: It’s the engine that drives our bikes. We spend a ton of time focusing on our legs, and it shows. One of a cyclist’s favorite things is when we date someone new and they feel our thighs for the first time. Awesome.

10. You’ll take the best vacations: Hawaii, Rocky Mountains, France, Jamaica, Italy — these are places we go. So long as you’re okay taking the bikes along, you will go on some of the most amazing vacations you can imagine.

9. We have self-confidence: Nobody likes dating someone with low self-esteem. If you’ve ever had to put up with a girlfriend who is always talking about how ugly and dumb she is, you’re probably ready for someone with confidence. We’ve achieved awesome things like winning races, completing century rides, climbing mountains and all kinds of other great things. Not only do we have self-esteem, but…

8. We can come back from anything: We fall, and we get back on the bike. We get injured, and we immediately train to get back on the bike. We refuse to accept anyone who tells us we can’t get back on the bike. This translates into our lives. If you want to date someone who spends a year complaining about losing their job, a cyclist isn’t for you. If you want someone who can bounce back from whatever happens, they’re probably on a bike.

7. We can cook healthy: When we’re in training or when it’s race season, we eat healthy and we eat a lot. We know a million ways to make pasta, veggies and chicken — often separately. Date a cyclist and you’ll never have to diet again. It just happens.

6. Best selfies ever: Tired of your girl doing the duckface in the car? Does your boyfriend flex in the bathroom mirror? We take selfies you’ll be excited to get tagged in. You’ll actually look forward to seeing your girlfriend’s selfies when you know she’s on a ride.

5. Our rides usually end at the bar: It’s just kind of a thing we do, but a lot of bike rides finish with a tall, frosty beer. Even if you don’t join us on the ride, you can come drink with us at the end. Because isn’t everything better when you’re at the bar?

4. We make friends easily: Just because we love what we do, we’re quick to make friends with other cyclists. Especially since that might be someone who wants to ride with us next week. For those of you who hate dating a wallflower, cyclists are for you. Take us anywhere, with anyone, and your friends will love us instantly.

3. We look great when we are older: You won’t have to worry about your in-shape girlfriend ending up nasty and botoxed out. Cyclists age really well. Fresh air, sunshine and exercise has a habit of doing that.

2. We make skin-tight look good: With the obvious exception of yoga pants, there’s not a lot of skin-tight stuff that looks good on actual people. Cyclists get to rock the super tight gear, and we make it look amazing.

1. Go on a ride with us, we’re yours forever: That’s all it takes. If you found a cyclist you’re into, all you have to do is go on one ride and we’re signed, sealed and delivered. Try it, it works!


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