Rapha Festive 500 – Days 6 & 7


Day 6 Rest Day

…and on the six day, I rested. Yep, after 11 contiguous days I gave The Mistress, as well as my bum a break. Not so much by choice mind you, as the “Honey Due” list was running over…hey it’s the Holiday’s right, cycling takes priority above anything on that list…at least in my eyes. Not so much in the eyes of my better half, so it was do honey instead of pedal harder for the day.

I was able to cross off a good number of items on the list by the evening, and considered a night ride, but with only 68 miles and 2 days to go, there was plenty of time remaining to complete the challenge, so I relaxed and got in some quality Minecraft game play with my son.

Day 7 Doing some LSD

No, not that kind of LSD, nor Lucy, that road in Chicago, or a Leafy Sea Dragon (yes there is such a thing….Google it). I’m talking Long Slow Distance as in aerobic endurance training, or as we cyclists like to call it, base miles. A little late in the season for that? Nonsense! There is nothing wrong with putting in base miles at any point during your training year. After all, who can argue with improved cardiovascular function, improved thermoregulatory function, improved mitochondrial energy production, increased oxidative capacity of skeletal muscle, and increased utilization of fat for fuel. It’s a win-win across the board!


With only 68 miles left to the challenge, and a big 100 plus mile day scheduled for tomorrow, a nice easy, relaxing 40 or so mile day would be perfect. Just enough to get my legs back up to speed after the honey do break without any negative effects for tomorrow.

So I dialed it back, stayed out of the drops, kept my heart rate between zones 2 and 3, and did’t chase a single wheel for 4+ laps, all the while actually singing out loud to the playlist on my iPhone…thankfully there were only a few runners out on the loop this morning, and as usual, they were too absorbed in their own personal hell, I mean joy of running for them to notice my badly, off key, sonata.

Only 48 km, or just under 30 miles left to earn another commemorative roundel from Rapha. Perhaps, just maybe, with a whole lot-o-luck, I’ll be riding a custom built bike by Rapha Continental framebuilder Tom Donhou. I’ll take mine in black please!

Nothing wrong with a little wishful thinking, right!




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