In politics stupidity is not a handicap.

Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “In politics stupidity is not a handicap.” This, never rang more true with the recent introduction of a bill in the state of Missouri which would require cyclists to ride with a 15-foot tall fluorescent orange flag on any “lettered country road,” or rural highway.


Missouri 43rd District Representative Jay Houghton introduced a bill that would require a florescent flag for cyclists riding on a “lettered county road.” Said flag must be suspended at least 15 feet above the roadway. FIFTEEN FEET!!! That’s higher than the states minimum bridge clearance, and power line clearance, let alone that it would make the bike nearly impossible to ride.

Houghton claims his flag requirement will improve safety for all. He understands that the bill as written is a bit “over the top” but he wanted to start a conversation about what he feels is an important issue–improving safety for cyclists and drivers, and ensuring that cyclists are visible enough…this, coming from the man who co-sponsored a previous attempt to ban bikes from Missouri roads.

This man clearly has an anti-cycling agenda…that or he’s genuinely worried low flying airplanes might collide with cyclist. Either way, he’s a dumbass.


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