About me

Prolog: Three years ago I started this blog kicking off my quest to achieve a better fitness level as well as setting a goal of riding my first century. Today I am nearly 60 lbs lighter, averaging well over 200 miles per week, with dozens of metric and full centuries under my belt. Cycling has become an integral part of my being making me a better, healthier person. Having recently hit the half century mark, I look forward to more cycling challenges including multiple day events and cross state rides.

Repeat centinarian and state crossing veteran

After a long extended break from cycling dating back to my college days, I’m back on two wheels again. The time had come to make a conscious effort to get back in shape, and what better way is there than cycling.

“Back in the day” it was commonplace for me and my buddies to ride dozens of miles each day. Our trips were not only a great means of exercise, but also a great way to make lasting bonds with friends, as well as mother nature, as we pedaled through the amazing trails around the Des Plaines river basin and old Salt Creek.

So with my economic stimulus check in hand (Thanks W) I headed out to my LBS and purchased a Trek 7200. Although out of shape and overweight, I was surprised to find my cycling legs quickly as I racked up some serious mileage. I hit 1,000 miles in very little time, and realized that I had not purchased the right bike.

Sure the Trek 7200 is a great hybrid bike, but my demands were seriously outstripping it’s capabilities. So I made the decision to step up to a road bike and set a lofty goal of riding a century. My plans were both accelerated and set back after my first ever cycling accident on July 22, 2010. Luckily I sustained no serious injuries, but my trusty 7200 was destroyed.

So here I sit over a month later with all my cuts and bruises healed just itching to get back on two wheels again and ride my first century. I’m creating this blog for not only personal motivation, but also to reach out to others interested in cycling, and perhaps get them back on two wheels again.