Fun in the Sun on Two Wheels

A busy schedule has kept me off my bike and out of my sneaks for the last week or so, but I wasted no time, hopping on my faithful Mistress for a weekend full of cycling with my amazing friends down in Fort Myers. Be it a short Panera run or a full on metric century through the cape, it was great to get back on the bike.

Kudos to my friend Denise for breaking her metric century…breaking cycling cherries is one of my favorite pastimes! We’ll get a full century going shortly to keep those cherries popping! Until then, it’s high time I get back to running. I’m well rested and anxious to get back on track with my half marathon trek. Until then, enjoy this little montage of our hot and windy metric century through Cape Coral.

Saturday, Jun 8, 2013
Route: Coconut-40
Ride Time: 2:07:38
Stopped Time: 1:27:45
Distance: 38.27 miles
Average: 17.99 mph
Fastest Speed: 30.22 mph
Calories: 1897
Cycle This Month: 140.20 miles
Cycle This Year: 2835.05 miles

Click for Ride Data

Sunday, Jun 9, 2013
Route: Cape Coral Metric
Ride Time: 4:17:11
Stopped Time: 1:21:59
Distance: 67.61 miles
Average: 15.77 mph
Fastest Speed: 27.05 mph
Calories: 3554
Cycle This Month: 207.82 miles
Cycle This Year: 2902.66 miles

Click for Ride Data


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